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What 5 Things Do You Need to Include In Your Lobby to Make Your Department Store Very Attractive To Customers

By : 2oxfordmasters

 I think I should include a huge sign that says Stevie Department Store. I want it BIG and CLEAR. It will be outside the department store, so everyone in the village can see. I would also use many colors to make it easy to spot.
       In the lobby, I want to put a surprise trap for the villagers coming to the department store. The trap may accidentally kill some villagers, but it will be cool. The trap is very easy. First, I will dig a small hole and make the wall around it made of bedrock. Second, just place some TNT inside the hole. Last, connect it to the weight sensor by the door then its finished! It could make good fireworks! Why not make this a firework then…rather than a villager trap? You won’t get many customers otherwise!
I want to build many shops on the first floor. The first floor shops have to be very attractive. Like a monsters shop. I can place some scary monsters inside to make people think that the department store is very interesting. Also I can put a shop that sells food like cake and chicken to let the costumers smell the good smell.

Decorating the outside of the department store can also attract people. I would place a mat made of glowstone so it will glow in the dark.  Maybe when people walk on it they will think that this department store is a luxury department store!

Last, a department store should have seasonal displasy. Like now it is Halloween, so it should have costumes for Halloween or many events for Halloween. This can make many people want to join the events or buy the things.

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